Mountain Lodge in Norway

Visualization of Contemporary Mountain Lodge in Norway from div.A.

To better myself in architectural visualizations and Blender’s cycles render engine, which is a really great new feature in Blender 3D modelling suite, I decided to create a 3D scene based upon photo reference and to achieve very believable results. Blender cycles render engine is an unbiased renderer and the outcomes, if everything is set properly, basically look like the real thing.

The reference I used comes from DIVA Arkitekter, actual project is called Mountain Cabin Skarsnuten Hemsedal.

I wanted to create top 3D geometry with HQ textures and properly set, real looking materials. Some textures are even 4096×4096 px big and most materials use up to 3 different types of textures like diffuse, specular, bump, emission, normal or alpha.








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